About Us

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Our Story

Afunio Foundation Uganda  is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and communities in Uganda. Our mission is to empower and uplift vulnerable populations through sustainable programs and initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, and community development. With a strong commitment to creating positive change, we strive to address the pressing needs and challenges faced by underserved communities.

Get Involved:

You can make a difference! We encourage individuals, organizations, and companies to join us in our mission to transform lives. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Our Mission

Seek to increase social welfare and education, reduce poverty, and advance the well-being of humanity as a whole.

Our Vision

Bring about a world in which everyone can access their fundamental requirements as well as possibilities for personal growth and development.


Our  Core Values

  • S- Service beyond Self
  • P- Professionalism
  • I-Integrity
  • N- Nurture trusted long term relationships

What We Offer

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We believe education is a powerful tool for transformation. We work to improve access to quality education by supporting schools, providing scholarships, teacher training, and educational resources. Our goal is to equip children and youth with the knowledge and skills they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


We are committed to enhancing healthcare services in underserved areas. Through partnerships with healthcare providers, we support medical facilities, supply medical equipment and medicines, conduct health camps, and raise awareness about preventive healthcare practices. Our aim is to improve overall health outcomes and reduce health disparities.

Community Development

We foster community development by empowering individuals and communities through various initiatives. This includes vocational training, entrepreneurship support, women's empowerment programs, environmental conservation, and initiatives that address social challenges. By strengthening communities, we create a foundation for sustainable development.

Our Team

Our team stands for collaboration, innovation, excellence, impact, integrity, lifelong learning, and collaboration with partners. We believe in working together, embracing creativity, delivering high-quality results, making a positive difference, upholding ethical values, fostering personal growth, and building strong partnerships. Together, we are dedicated to our shared vision and strive to create meaningful change.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​